• #tbt Evana at Eero Saarinen’s TWA terminal 5 wearing an original late 60’s TWA stewardess uniform. Shot pre-9/11 when you could just show up to an airport and whip out your camera. @evanastanonik @east_six #twa #eerosaarinen #terminal5 #jfkairport

  • Detail of rose petals print with flower girl @gozdeeker🌹#joyceshootsstilllife

  • Coming soon… new prints for sale on the soon to be launched @helloartists print shop.

  • Like Christmas morning every time. Gorgeous glossy film. #shootfilm

  • New work for Esquire’s The Big Black Book, Fall/Winter 2014. “The Good Shelf Life” is a story on the perfect set dressing for all the important books in your life.

    Editor: Nick Sullivan

    Photo Editor: Alison Unterreiner

    Prop Stylist: Phyllis Asher

  • Bonsai competition at Sun Moon lake. #sunmoonlake #taiwan #bonsai (at 日月潭國家風景區向山遊客服務中心)

  • Fried oyster mushroom over Sun Moon Lake. #sunmoonlake #taiwan (at Sun Moon Lake)